Möt mina vänner i USA

Småprata lite med mina vänner! / Hi Explorius! We’re Disas friends from the US!

Are you from the US?
Dylan: Yea
Lili: Yes, but my family is from Mexico.
Emi: No, I moved to America from Austria two years ago.
Zoey: Yes

What’s your favorite food?
D: Anything from Bojangles. (It’s a fried chicken place)
L: Strawberries!
E: Wienerschnitzel.
Z: Pasta, cheeseburgers and salads

What did you know about Sweden before you met me?
D: That that’s where Thor is from.
L: Yodeling, or is that Austria?
E: I knew there are a lot of blonde girls with long legs and light eyes.
Z: Heard of it, a lot of people with blue eyes and blonde hair.

What do you think about exchange students coming to Bandys and overall America?
D: It seems like a life changing experience.
L: I think it’s cool and I love my foreign friends:)
E: There’s very different places you can end up to, but the whole idea is cool, because you get to know a different culture and different ways to think.
Z: I loved it, I loved becoming best friends with an exchange student and them opening us to their culture and showing us how they live.

What do you do in your free time?
D: Hang out with you, play football and basketball.
L: Play with horsies.
E: I love to travel and I work a lot.
Z: Hangout with my friends, dance, and work.

What do you think the rest of the world thinks about America?
D: That we aren’t the brightest, but we try to make up for it.
L: That we’re stooopid.
E: It’s mixed. A lot of people wanna come here because of the opportunities.
Z: They probably don’t like us and think we only care about ourselves. Or maybe they do like us?

Anything you’d like to add?
D: I’m very glad you came to Catawabababa.
L: Not really.
E: I’d like to add that I’m thankful I got to meet Disa, still wish she ended up in a cooler place than Catawba lol.
Z: Having Disa at our school was such an amazing experience. I loved becoming close with an exchange student and learning about their culture. Although it will be hard when she leaves, I will always be forever grateful for the times we had together!

Disa är en kombostudent och kommer under ditt utbytesår vara utbytesstudent i två länder! Hon börjar året i USA och avslutar i Australien

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