My time in Sweden

Tips to other exchange students:
  • Do everything you can, even if it’s just going to the store with your host parents, helping to cook dinner a few nights or joining a afterschool group. You´ll get to connect with your family and friends more and find new things in everything. Don´t waste your time on your phone or sitting at home. Live every moment.

  • Have a count down until you leave in the final month so you spend your time wisely and can plan your thankyous and goodbyes.

  • If you’re feeling anxious or stressed about something at home overseas or about your exchange it’s a really good idea to go for a walk around your host town or go a spend time with your family (even if it’s just watching TV). That way you can get your mind off those things and still experience your time overseas.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people, they’ll be so interested and excited to meet you! 


One of the most amazing things about my exchange was when we drove to Sälen to the snow! My host parents surprised me and my host brothers on Christmas with a trip to Sälen. We stayed for 4 days and I went skiing for the first time ( it’s way harder then they make it look it movies ) and we went dog sledge riding up a mountain. The sun rise was so beautiful on the frozen snow and as we reached the top it looked like a winter wonderland! Me and my youngest host brother also went into the sauna and then rolled in the (47cm deep!) snow out the front. We managed to last 1 full minute. We also raced down the hill on snow sledges and ate Swedish fika and the top of a snow covered mountain!

Family and friends

By far my favourite part of my exchange was my new friends and family. I met so many amazing people from all around. They are all so special to me and each person made my exchange even better. My family is also so beautiful and we connected instantly and I’m so happy to have met them, I love them very much. It’s so exciting meeting and getting to know people you’d never thought you would have met in your life. I even got to meet 2 girls from Thailand and 2 girls from Germany!

For my birthday me and my host family drove to Stockholm. It was so beautiful and interesting seeing Stockholm’s old town and walking through Skansen and it’s Christmas markets. We also went to the ABBA museum which was so inspiring and the Viking restaurant in the old town. I was so grateful for getting to experience so other parts of Swedish culture and history.

Me and another exchange student from my school got to go to the special music school next to us to preform with them for Saint Lucia (a Swedish tradition). It was so amazing to not only watch but to participate in a whole new celebration! We both got our own robes and candles and got to preform with the most amazing people. It was very difficult to learn music in a different language but so much fun and worth it! It’s such a special memory.

What I’m not going to be able to live without
  • I don’t think I’m going to able to live without seeing my host family every day and seeing my friends. They’re so special to me and made every day so exciting.
  • About 4 times a week I got to go and walk around the forest with my dog Sigge, it was so beautiful and I’m going to miss that time so much.
  • All the godis, baked treats and coffee. Swedish fika is such a delicious thing. I was also lucky enough to have a famous bakery in my town with so many good cakes and fika foods. I think I’m also going to miss all the liquorice foods and marabou chocolate. 

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