My exchange experience

I just wanted to share my experiences as an exchange student in Sweden from Australia.

I absolutely love the food and sweets here with my favourite being Kex choklad and I’m making sure to bring some back with me for my friends and family but in Australia.

I much prefer the snow and cold temperatures compared to the Australian winters where it doesn’t get below 10 C, although some clearer skies would be nice.

The best thing here though is the people; I’ve made some great friends which I will surely miss as well as my amazing host family but luckily with the technology we live with the world isn’t so big anymore and I will more than definitely keep in contact.

Hopefully one day I’ll be back but I’ve been told by nearly everyone to come back in the Summer when everything is great and the sun is shining. This has been such a great experience and I’m so glad I decided to come to Sweden. I would also like to thank you and everyone at Explorius for giving me this opportunity.

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