Lucia från Slovakien

Hi, my name is Dorota , I’m from Slovakia and currently I’m in Sweden.

A few weeks ago, I came to my English lesson in school, and I got really surprised. My teacher asked if I know about Lucia. My first reaction was like: "yeah, I know about it and which way you celebrate it here."

So basically, nothing weird. But then my teacher said: "Good, because we have this tradition in our school, if we have some exchange student, we ask her or him to be our Lucia. So, I was supposed to ask you if you are interested.." And then it hit me. Shock. Surprise. Anxiety. What should I say? Do I want to do that? What will I suppose to do there? Help!

So, I asked my classmates, my friends, my host family, my real family.. Everyone said that it is great opportunity, and I should say yes. So, I agreed to my teacher. It was maybe 2 weeks before the Friday 13 when it is Lucia. During these 2 weeks I couldn’t think about anything else. I was stressed and nervous. But I couldn’t change my mind few days before.

A day before Lucia we had a practice. I was happy, that the only thing I'll do is just walking, standing, walking. But with seven candles on my head and one more in my hands, in the biggest church in Västerås, where will definitely be a lot of people. My legs and arms were shaking during the practice and my confidence was so low. I repeated in my head, that it would be one of the most beautiful moment not only of my exchange year, but also in my life.

The night before I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept waking up during whole night. I woke up too early (there is something wrong when you wake up before 5 o’clock when you are supposed to get up). On my way to the city, I was trying to relax, breath. There is nothing bad that can happen, is there? I don’t understand how, or why, but when we were getting ready, and during the last practice, I got calm. Or at least calmer, and more confident. Still little afraid when I was watching all these people coming there.

"It’s time!" saying the teacher with matches in her hand. She lighted the candles on my head, and the last motivating thing: "It will be good, don’t worry. The worst thing that can happen is that you would burn the church. But I’m sure it won’t happen. Good luck and just enjoy it!" Wow. That’s a motivation! But well, let’s do it!

On the beginning my legs, arms and everything, were shaking so much. I was really nervous. But after while I got more relaxed, and then it was fine. Afterwards I was really happy that I’ve done it, and now I don’t really know why I was so stressed. It really was great experience! A memory I’ll never forget about. 

Slovakiska utbyteseleven Dorota är i Sverige på sitt utbytesår! Är du och din familj intresserade av att veta hur det funkar att bli värdfamilj? Med oss på Explorius kan du ta emot utbyteselever från hela världen!

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