Ett utbytesår i Sverige

Hey Everyone!

My name is Pakornphop Supsongsang. I know, it is pretty hard to pronounce, right? Actually, you can call me Gorn. It is fine haha. I was an exchanged student in Klippan, Sweden. Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I really miss the people there because Swedish people are very nice and kind, but the main thing is that Swedish people are very gorgeous lol.

First of all, I want to talk about my host family. My host mom’s name is Elisabeth and my host dad’s name is Lars (he is a wonderful old man haha). They own one farm called “Bjärhus Gårdsbutik”- one of the most popular farms in Skåne. It is an organic farm. When I was there, I learned millions of things from this family. I want to cry now because I miss them so much. I am currently in Thailand-my homecountry. I wish I could have been there longer. This family made me love caring about people’s health. They take care of every single process on the farm until the products are in the customers hands. They sell all kinds of meats such as lamb, beef, pork and many more. They also sell vegetables which they grow by themselves.

Another thing that I really like is Åbyskolan, Klippan. This school made my exchange year in Sweden very memorable. The students there are quite quiet (at first haha) after that they are as crazy as if they have known you for a hundred years. I love them so much!! They invited me to a wonderful party so that I can know how crazy Swedish people are at parties lol.

Let’s talk about Swedish food haha. I don’t want to talk about my host family again, but I have too. They have a restaurant on the farm. The best cook there is Elin. She made wonderful food, such as meatballs which is my favorite meal and a notable meal for Swedish cuisine.

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