Why did I choose Sweden?

It all started at the dinner table September last year. My sister (13) said she wanted to go on exchange the year after she graduated. This idea came from a friend of the family. He had just returned from the USA where he stayed a year. I had never thought of that but it seems immidiatly a great idea. My parents had the same idea and they brought it up even earlier then i could tell them. So after that we went to an orginisation and they gave me a folder with countrys i could chose from. there was the option to choose the USA but everyone chooses that, and it has a language i already know. so no America for me. I had a few things i really wanted: somewhere where it is cold, somewhere where they speak a different language and somewhere where i could do a lot of different sports and things. so only the scandinvian country´s where a option. then i went searching for the things that are important for me in my future life so things i want to work with. that is gonna be a teacher or a fysical therapist. so searched for the best school and heathsystem. And the answer was......... SWEDEN!!!!!!!!.

I heard so many people say they loved sweden after they been there that it had to be good. After i made that choice i got really deep into sweden. The only thing i could talk about was sweden (my friends got really annoyed by that). Not only i got so enthousiastic, my parents orderd for my birthday a whole box with swedish flags. Big ones and small ones and even coasters. So everyone was excided. The fact that i was going to sweden kept me motivated in school and work. I had something to look forward to: Sweden.

With kind regards,
Pim van de Sande

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