Wei-Weis utbytesår i Sverige är det bästa hon gjort

 My name is Wei-Wei and I'm an exchange student from Taiwan.

I´m living in the southern part of Sweden in coastal town Ängelholm with my lovely host family for 10 months. To be an exchange student in this fascinating place is the best thing I have done. Me and my host family love to travel and we have been to many fun trips around Sweden and we have also travelled to Spain.

I go to Rönnegymnasiet and I am in art group where I have met so many great friends. The teachers are also so nice and awesome. School in Sweden is totally different if you compare to school in my home country. The Swedish school system is very relaxed and the relationship between teachers and students is less formal. Students in Taiwan are not allowed to call their teachers by their first name.

In the free time I use to hang out with my friends and have a FIKA. FIKA is the best thing in Sweden and the fika food is amazing!