Simonas tankar efter halva tiden i Sverige


My name is Simona and I am an exchange student here in Sweden.

I live in Umeå, and the 15th of this month it will be the half of my 10 months of experience. I do not really know what I can write, or how to write it, but I decided that this is a date too important to keep in silence. 

I can start by saying that in five months I have lived the most amazing adventure in my life, I have had moments of indescribable joy and sadness, I have grown, I am growing.

If I try to remember me a year ago, in my small village in Italy. I could never know that I will become, well, what I became.

Life in Sweden has changed me, I have learned to love another culture, so different and at the same time so similar to mine.

I have learned that it is never too cold to go out and have a walk, that there is never too much snow to bike to the centre, that it is never too late for have kvällsfika and stay together to tell each other the own day.

I have also learned that people does not hug each other so much like in my country, but a smile can say all.

After five months I can say that Umeå has became my second home, I know it and though I can get lost sometimes, I feel not like a foreign, but a part of it.

I have met new people and new friends, my host-family has became a real family. I can not think that I will leave all them this summer. They have helped me so much, and they have made me discover so much!They have welcomed me without knowing me, and now… well know I can just show you some photos, that maybe could explain better what I can not explain with words…

So, the last thing I would say is just thank you. Thank you Sweden!!

Studenter som kommer till Sverige