Noah från Australien på utbyte i Umeå

Hej Hej!

My name is Noah and I am currently on a 3-month exchange in Sweden from Australia. This is by far the biggest journey I have ever experienced in my life, as I have never left my family for so long especially to a country on the other side of the globe. Throughout this journey I have come to analyse and understand the Swedish culture. These are some things about my journey so far.

The most exciting part about an exchange is to find out where you'll be staying, and for me my home for the next three months is a beautiful city in northern Sweden.. Umeå. Umeå isn't a big city but it's cozy. It contains lots of museums, shops and most importantly snow.

I am currently staying with a host family who have been very kind enough to let me stay in their home, My host parents Ann-Sofie and Erik Blomberg and their three children Lucas, Linnea, and Ida have given me a warm welcome to Sweden, and have given me lots and lots of knowledge based around the Swedish culture.They have also taught me Swedish traditions, some of them didn't really make sense to me at the start. For example, whenever you visit someone else's house it is very polite and common to take off your shoes as soon as you walk in the door, which isn’t so common in Australia. But now most traditions make sense and become a habit.

I am currently attending school at Dragonskolan, and it is very, very different to my school in Australia. In fact, I believe that the Swedish school system is a lot better than Australia’s. For example, there is no dress code in Swedish schools, Whereas in Australia we are required to wear a school uniform. Also the student-teacher relationship isn't as formal as it is in Australia. It is absolutely fine to take a phone number off a teacher in case you wish to contact them for educational reasons, and Swedes call their teacher by their first name instead of using formal language (I.e Mr/Ms/Mrs ____). Students can almost reach a certain level of friendship with their teachers.

As I said previously, Umeå has a lot of museums including the guitars museum, owned by twin brothers showing off their excessive collection of famous guitars from around the world, also the Västerbottens museum, home to the history of Norrland (Northern Sweden) which includes interesting displays of their indigenous people the ‘Sami’. I have also been a bit further north in a small city called Skellefteå which has a place called ‘Boda Borg’. Boda Borg is Quester, filled with thrilling challenges or quests as you and your team to cope with it through. I defiantly recommend these places to anyone of all ages.

I chose Sweden as my place to go for my exchange because it was different, it had a culture that was unknown to me and I wanted to explore it, and so far I have truly fell in love with this place, it’s a hidden gem among Europe and the globe, I still have much to explore for the next half of my exchange.

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