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Hi, I'm Hayley and I'm living in Halmstad Sweden for 10 months. Exchange has been a dream of mine for many years, and now to be here in Sweden living my dream feels so great! I live in a family of four (five if you include me), I have 2 little host sisters Alice and Svea, and a mother Matilda and a father Jason. I love living with them they have taken me to so many beautiful places, one was a water fall and we sat and had a fika, and this has been one of my most memorable moments so far!

My school is a short 10 minute bus trip from home. School is tough at the start, making friends, learning a new language and trying to learn how you new school works. At the end of two months I can safely say my Swedish has improved from when I came to Sweden. It is hard in class as you don't understand much, but as time goes on you learn more and more. A favourite memory I have so far is having a taco night with eight of my friends, it is a simple thing like tacos, but it meant so much to me because I felt like I belonged there and I had people watching out for me! "Enjoy every moment for your exchange the time goes by in no time" -Every exchange student all over the world

Top best three things about being an exchange student in Sweden!

1. You meet so many new people and make new lifelong friends.

2. Sweden gives students a lot of freedom and you can explore by yourself and feel completely safe!

3. It's has the most amazing landscape I have ever seen. From the rocky beach I live at to the snow that falls in a forest on a cold spring day! 

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