From South Australia to Northern Sweden

An adventure on the complete opposite side of the world
I have been on exchange for the past month in Luleå, Sweden. Living in Northern Sweden is cold and dark to say the least, but I love it. The sun rises at 8am and sets around 2pm and with this little sunlight, the temperature is well below freezing. I will often find myself wearing 5 layers of clothing whilst my host family and friends are walking around in just jeans and a jacket. Regardless of this it is one of the greatest places I have ever been to and has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Before coming to Luleå I heard rumours that the people who live in Northern Sweden tend to be more timid and quiet, the second I touched down here I realised this rumour was false. Everyone here is so welcoming and kind-hearted, and when I struggle with the language they all happily help me out to ensure I understand what is happening. My host family are very energetic and talkative (even if I can’t understand what my younger host sister is saying). The first day of school I was worried that I may not make any friends but the second I stepped onto the school grounds a group of girls came up to me and started talking. Everyone here is so easy to get along with and you are guaranteed to make instant friends. 

One thing I am most excited for is Christmas, it will be my first ever Christmas celebrated in the snow. The festive season is highly celebrated and begins around a week before December begins. With my host family we have been busily baking and eating all types of Christmas food; lussebullar, gingerbread, rice porridge, glögg and julmust. By the time December starts all the shops, streets and homes are decorated with Christmas ornaments, it truly is a beautiful sight. Lucia is coming up soon and I will be going to watch a performance at my host sister’s school. All the students are very excited for Lucia and I can’t wait to see what it is all about. I am so happy I am on exchange over Christmas because of all the traditions and festivities come along at this time of year. I have been having the best time since going away and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip has in store for me.

Studenter som kommer till Sverige