Australian vs. Swedish Schools

skillnad australien sverige skola

It without a doubt Australian schools are different to Swedish,
but thats with every culture for instance the whole confusing sophomore, juniors, freshmen and senior system in the US. These are the 10 biggest differences I found between my school in Australia (private girls school) and my school here in Sweden.

1. Freedom: Swedes have so much more freedom in school, with phones and being able to leave at lunch time. In Australia we are not allowed to leave the school during lunch times and if you have your phone out in class depending on the teacher you can get a detention and trust me a detention for having your phone out in class is not fun.

2. Teachers: Swedes are allowed to call their teachers by their first names without Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms and I think this is so cool. They form a bond with their teachers which is almost like a friendship. I feel that this makes students feel so much more comfortable with their teachers and do not get scared by their teachers.

3. Lunches: I never imagined carrying such a light bag to school without my lunch in it. At school the students get provided lunch by the school and each day its something different and warm made by the chef. This is so much better then a cold sandwich or lukewarm yogurt at school in Australia.

4. Classes: At my school in 9th grade in Sweden the only subject they get to choose is their language to learn between German and French. This is different to my school in Australia where learning a language is compulsory from grade 7-9 but you can choose to drop the language in year 10 and the languages include Chinese, Japanese, German and French. In year 10 at my school we do 7 different subjects and out of the 7 we can choose 3 and between a few options in another 2. The subjects I did during grade 10 were Math 1 (can choose between 1 and 2), English, Core PE (physical education), Art, Business Education, Law, Biology and Chemistry (can choose between chemistry and biology, chemistry and physics or general science - all 3). This lets us work towards what we want to be when we are at a younger age.

5. School system: In Australia we have primary schools (prep to grade 6) and high schools (grade 7-12) or some bigger schools like mine go from Pre prep (4 years old) all the way until grade 12 (17/18 years old). Within my school we have Junior school (Prep to grade 6), middle school (grade 7-9) and senior school (grade 10-12). In Sweden it was a little different having grade 0-9 in one school for primary/middle school and then high school which is grade 1-3.

6. Uniforms: In Australia I only know one school that doesn't wear uniform however its opposite here in Sweden with the swedes only knowing around 1 or so schools that have uniforms. I think its cool that you can choose your outfits for school here however for me it means I have to sit in front of my wardrobe tossing up different outfits unlike in Australia where I know what I’m wearing get my hat, badges, ribbon and bag and am out the door. I don’t think the no uniforms would work in Australia because our climate is so hot (only wear jeans some ‘cold’ days in winter) and we break the dress code policies even on days when we can wear our own clothes if we donate to a charity.

7. Co-ed and same gender schools: In Sweden there are no single gender schools and no school is allowed to charge to attend the school. However, in Australia over a third of students attend a private school with fees to pay and a large portion of these private school are single gender. I go to an all girls school and it was it little weird going to a co-ed school here and I have noticed how rowdy boys can be and which is definitely different to school in Australia.

8. Breaks: At school in Australia we have two break times; morning tea and lunch. Our morning tea goes for 30 minutes and our lunch for 35. At my school here in Sweden we have one lunch break that goes for a bit over an hour and surprisingly I haven't gotten hungry during the lessons which we do in Australia although we have one more break then here.

9. Bells: Our school in Australia has bells which we don't have here in Sweden. We have one to start the day at 8:20, another one at 8:25, another one at 8:35, and then twice for two 55 minute lessons before morning tea at 10:25 then at 10:55 before another two 55 minute lessons before lunch at 12:40 until 1:15 and another two 55 minute lessons before we end the day at 3:10. Here in Sweden they seem to know when their next lesson starts and move to their next lesson.

10. Finishing times: In Sweden they can end at different times on different days depending on what lessons they have. If they don’t have a lesson in the afternoon they can go as soon as they're finished their last lesson but in Australia we finish at 3:10PM every day and have lessons every day without a free session.

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