10 things I didn't know about Sweden

Patricia från Slovakien spenderar ett utbytesår på Gotland, och efter en tid i Sverige har upptäckt många av Sveriges unika och ibland lite konstiga traditioner och seder. 

Colder summers than expected: Of course I did not expect summers to be tropical, but 20°C was quite a shock too. I think it's worth mentioning how weird was the moment when my friend told me she was 'melting' and I wore a jacket.

2. Coffee addicts: Drinking coffee before the lesson to wake up, after the lesson just because you love coffee and before the last lesson to keep you awake. I'm glad I don't know about the rest of the day.

3. Experts at preparing potatoes: Vad fick du för mat i skolan? Typical question my host mum asks, answer alternates between potatoes and meat and meat and potatoes. Swedes are perfect at preparing potatoes in 1000 different ways.

4. People actually swim in the sea: I definitely did not expect this; I think summers are cold and water even colder. Just wow, Swedes, I admire you.

5. School is way too free: 'Write an essay, hand it in some time in following 2 months' Not saying it's bad, but to me as a Slovak student of 'gymnasiet' something unimaginable (aka here, write an essay, you've got 40 minutes)

6. Sport lovers: I swear, every Swede practices some sport, every other competes and every fifth wins all. This fact kind of motivated me to do something (not only me, also many other exchange students) and I started running at least every now and then.

7. Julmust/påskmust is a thing: Sweden is just special. Food is special. Drinks are special. For every occasion.

8. Potatoes: Again I just can't express how not prepared I was for this. (potatisburgare <3)

9. Yoghurt in the box first shock when I came. Now I kinda love it (reaaally practical) 

10. Kind people: I was surprised how nice people in Sweden are, they are not cold at all as many say. Yes, they are quite quiet at first, but after few sentences you won't be able to stop them. Until you see a yellow car. Ouch.

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